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Night Master started life in 2010 with a vision to make different types of hunting lights that were small yet powerful, adaptable with the ability to change the colour, and to create a torch for life that won’t be out moded.

The Night Master 800 v1 was born and it revolutionised lamping for many night hunters. With its internal battery and changeable LEDs, it would fit neatly into a jacket pocket. Despite its small, lightweight construction, it could pick out eyes up to 800m and allow identification up to 500m.

Night Master has continued development to the v3 model which incorporates a rotary dimmer switch and dimmable LED, allowing the user to quickly adjust the brightness of the torch, eradicating any issues with white-out. As well as the new NM800 IC (Intensity Control), they have also created the NM400, Venom Strike and XSearcher – all also available as infrared models for use with night vision.

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Swillington Shooting Supplies Limited originally began as a gunshop over 31 years ago and in this time has developed a close working relationship with the countryside and associated field sports.

They now run a well stocked Shooting & Clothing Supply Shop, a Busy Licensed Kennel, and even have Holiday cottages in Scotland. Together with 5300 Acres of forest offering Lodge Pole & Scottish Pine Xmas trees & Stalking Breaks.

Swillington has an excellent relationships with suppliers and as such can offer very competitive prices across the whole range of our products and services. They place a great emphasis on training and experience and as such you will find their staff friendly, helpful and informed.

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Balnecroft Country is a family run business based in East Yorkshire. We offer a wide range of clothing, boots and accessories from shooting, fishing, dog walking and all things country and outdoor activities. We stock a variety of brands such as Aigle, Arxus, Percussion, Macwet, Verney Carron, Jack Pyke and many more.

We are very proud sponsors of South Yorkshire Shooting show as it is local to ourselves and believe in supporting our local events and businesses. We look forward to meeting you at the shooting show.


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